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Weekly Photo Challenge: Love

Here’s my (belated) entry into the WordPress photo challenge from a couple of weeks ago on the topic of ‘Love‘. Be warned – It’s a bit of a soppy one…

I completely missed this topic last week but when I noticed it yesterday I knew I had to post about it. The sample image they used on the blog was of the Pont Des Arts in Paris – the bridge where me and my boyfriend got engaged just before Christmas. We were one of the couples who affixed our lock to the bridge and threw the key into the river. Yes it was a public proposal but to be honest, I don’t think anyone would have noticed.

That moment was so important to us both and whilst I don’t remember everything he said or even everything I said, I remember strongly what it meant to me and how I felt. It was a lovely, perfect moment and that bridge will always be special for us.

So my photo on the topic of Love has to be the following:

Just engaged!
Just engaged!

It is not the best image in the world but it’s certainly my favourite – it’s one of the first photos we took of us after getting engaged. Simply to me this photo means happiness and love.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Geometry

My response to this week’s photo challenge topic – Geometry.

This week I have cheated slightly and opted for three pictures but I just couldn’t choose! I think the photographs are all really striking.

Two of the pictures are from the wonderful day we spent at the Olympic Park and the other one a silly soppy picture that we took in Bristol.