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Favourite things: Crazy Ex Girlfriend, my weekday soundtrack and pretty dresses

1. Binge watching Crazy Ex Girlfriend

Crazy Ex Girlfriend

If you haven’t seen any of Crazy Ex Girlfriend yet, load up Netflix right now, grab some snacks and get watching. Two great seasons of hilarious songs, great characters and real issues.

2. Currently listening to…

The soundtrack to my weekdays is currently the great new album from Jens Lekman, Life Will See You Now and the La La Land motion picture soundtrack which makes me want to dance through the day.

3. I left my heart in New York…

I’m in love with this gorgeous dress from Joanie Clothing. There are pages and pages of really pretty dresses on their site and what’s great is that they are available in plus sizes too. Yay!

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Favourite childhood movies: Live-action

This weekend I’m posting a selection of my favourite movies from my childhood years in response to the Let’s Go to the Movies Childhood Films blogathon. Today I’m posting a list of my favourite live action movies and tomorrow’s post will be on animated movies.

Here’s a few of my favourites:

Stand By Me

Stand By Me is not only my favourite film from my childhood but also my favourite film of all time in general. I discovered it (shameful to say) through my crush on Wil Wheaton (Wesley Crusher in ST:TNG and now host of Tabletop) but what I found was a fantastic film full of childhood adventures in small town america as well as a fantastic soundtrack and a soon to develop appreciation of Stephen King. A coming of age story, Stand By Me truly gets what it is like to be a kid of a certain age with the carefree innocence of childhood behind you and a scary grown up future filled with change, responsibilities and decisions ahead of you.

The Adventures of Robin Hood

I have realised when putting together today and tomorrow’ blog posts that I may indeed be a bit Robin Hood obsessed. I put some of the blame at the door of me having grown up a stone’s throw from Robin Hood’s own Nottingham.

Whilst Disney’s Robin Hood is a topic for tomorrow’s post, I had to include The Adventures of Robin Hood starring Errol Flynn on my list. Much like every other film on these lists, I watched the VHS copy of this we had (recorded off the tv) over and over. My mum is also a big fan of this film so it might not have all been my doing!

I haven’t seen this film in a long time (a wrong that I must right) but I remember it being lots of classic movie fun.

The Muppet’s Christmas Carol

Ok, I know this is a Christmas movie but it’s also one of my favourite movies generally. Whenever I think about this film I just remember happy and cosy Christmases sat in front of the fire watching this film again and again and again when I was a child. Endlessly quotable and heart-warming, Muppet’s Christmas Carol is a classic.

My husband will attest to the fact that I can still quote and sing along with this film (including the voices).

It’s an unbeatable prospect: Muppets + Dickens + Christmas + Victorian London.

Other childhood films I loved