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Weekly Photo Challenge: Big

My response to this week’s ‘Big’ photo challenge is this – The World’s Largest Scone*.

World's largest scone?
World’s largest scone at the Cockington Inaugural Cream Tea Festival

Me and my friend Kate snapped this at the Inaugural Cream Tea Festival in Cockington Village near Torquay in 2008.

We drove down to Torquay from Nottingham very early in the morning and we were rewarded with this sight. Oh and by buying a cream tea which won us a hotel stay in the Lake District!

Yes the scone looks rather unappetising and it loses somewhat of it’s spectacle when you realised it was propped up by Tupperware boxes at the back but nonetheless it made for one of the most memorable, pleasant and joyously odd days in my life.

* Apparently**

** At the time.

11 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Big

  1. Wow. that really is a huge scone. Did you have any? Have you ever seen that show on food network where they make giant cakes – normally they end up disgusting but that one looks okay!

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