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My favourite things

Every Friday I will be posting a short list of my favourite things from that week because I think it might be a nice way for me to look back on my year, also I love lists!

So here we go, here are my first favourite things:

1. Researching Paris

Paris travel poster
Paris vintage travel poster (Image from grain edit via Pinterest)

Anyone who read my review of The Nimboo may have seen that my boyfriend surprised me with a trip to Paris for later in the year. Now I’ve just about got over the shock, I am spending all my free time researching our trip (even though we really just want to amble around the pretty streets and pop in places for delicious food and drink!).

I’ve been before but I’m not letting that hold me back – Google searches, Pinterest, guide books, you name it – I’m scouring it for cute restaurants and nice walks!

Any recommendations?

2. Reading

I’ve always loved reading and I’m always working through a book or two but at the moment I seem to be reading more than ever before.

I’m reading plays and novels for my English Literature A Level, guide books for Paris and I’m also trying to read other things just for pleasure rather than research or studying so I’ve just finished The Paris Wife by Paula McLain. Ironically I’d picked it up from my local library before my boyfriend told me about our trip – honest!

The Paris Wife
The Paris Wife by Paula McLain

It’s a fictionalised version of Hadley Richardson and Ernest Hemingway’s marriage and predominantly, their life in Paris. I couldn’t put it down staying up late to finish off a few more chapters and frantically reading in my lunch hour. I found it utterly engrossing and also quite sad. I’d recommend it.

I’ve never read any Hemingway but that might be next on my list. Anyone read any that they could recommend?

3.  Great British Bake Off

Great British Bake Off
Great British Bake Off

I don’t watch a lot of shows on TV as I mostly work through box sets or see things on catch up services but the one thing me and my boyfriend have to watch as it is broadcast is The Great British Bake Off. We got into it last series after encouragement from my friend Kerry (who posts brilliant episode recaps every week on her blog) and now we’re addicted to seeing the contestants overcome the challenges and create beautiful bakes good as well as predicting Mary and Paul’s critical analysis.

Great British Bake Off range in Marks and Spencers
Great British Bake Off range in Marks and Spencers

I spotted a GBBO range on sale in Marks and Spencers recently and it’s actually quite cute. I like the cake slice.

4. Lego clean up

Amazing images on The Guardian website of staff at Legoland cleaning the Lego figures with a cotton wool bud!

5. Elementary my dear Watson

Which board game would Sherlock Holmes play?

6. LOL of the week

Did someone on the Jurassic Park set not do their job?

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